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Perth Stadium

Perth Stadium

Perth Scorchers set to play on new stage

The state-of-the-art Perth Stadium is set to host four regular season Perth Scorchers Big Bash League home matches each season. 

Perth Scorchers Members will enjoy all the action from reserved seating on the southern side of Perth Stadium, with access to exclusive facilities.

Member benefits include: 

  • more reserved seating options
  • access to exclusive food and beverage facilities
  • priority access to secure seats for family and friends who are not Perth Scorchers Members.

1. What is the best way to guarantee priority access for Perth Scorchers Membership at Perth Stadium?

  • Sign up to be a Perth Scorchers Member in the season/s prior to matches being played at Perth Stadium.
  • Register your interest for Perth Scorchers Membership at Perth Stadium (see information under question two). Once current Members and their nominated family and friends are allocated their seats, fans on the waitlist will have an opportunity to secure their seats.

2. How can I register for a Perth Scorchers Membership at Perth Stadium?

To register your interest in a Perth Scorchers Membership, click the link below or email

3. How will seats be allocated for Perth Scorchers Members?

Perth Scorchers Members will be given priority access to select their seat/s of choice based on consecutive years of Membership. Using the stadium’s virtual technology, Members can view the location of their seats and see the view they will have at Perth Stadium.  

4. Will I get to sit near my family and friends?

The Perth Scorchers are all about getting together with your friends and family for a great day out. You will have the opportunity to nominate who you would like to sit with during the select your seat process.

5. Will there by appropriate seating for those with special access requirements?

Those who require higher levels of support and accessibility will have access to designated seating platforms across all seating tiers. Members who require special access can contact the Perth Scorchers Membership Team to arrange seating to suit their needs.

6. Will there be parking available for Members?

Public transport is the preferred method of transport to and from Perth Stadium, with parking at the stadium extremely limited. This will include a dedicated Perth Stadium train station, as well as bus services located in close proximity to the stadium.

7. How can I keep up-to-date with the latest information about Perth Stadium?

Visit the Perth Stadium website for regular updates.

8. Who can I contact for more information?

For any questions you may have about Memberships at Perth Stadium, please contact the Perth Scorchers Membership Team via email to or phone 1300 880 138.