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Social Cricket

Social Cricket

Social Cricket has become a huge focus moving forward over the next 4 years, not just within the WACA but now being part of the national strategic plan.

The WACA is committed in providing programs that can be played in a relaxed, fun and enjoyable environment for all to play in regardless of age, gender or ability level.

No experience is needed!  


The Business Bash Challenge offers businesses a social competition to play cricket after work in a care free, relaxed environment. The program also helps businesses with team bonding outside of work and a chance to possibly do some networking. Also open to family and friends.

Small sided games of 8 players (2 must be female) lasting 45 minutes with modified rules. 

Age Group: Adults

Program Length: 6-week program

Ideal for: Corporate businesses surrounding the WACA

*Playoffs and finals held at the WACA following a function and a number of quality prizes.



This program is run at the university playing grounds with the WACA facilitating and supporting the program.

Small sided games of 8 players lasting 45 minutes with modified rules and formats. Open to all students and staff.

Age Group: 18 years +

Program Length: 6-8-week program

Ideal for: University students and staff, of any age or gender

* The opportunity to play against other universities with finals being held at the WACA.



The Sunset scorchers is designed to provide women the opportunity to participate in a social competition. The philosophy and formats are very much a social competition aiming to attract ladies of all ages who had either never played cricket or were looking to play a shortened form without the added pressures of competitive cricket.

Small sided games consisting of 6-8 players lasting 60-90 minutes. 

Age Group: 16 years +

Program Length: 6-week program

Ideal for: Females only

*Finals night held at the WACA following a small function.



Small sided modified games using soft equipment and scoring zones. Customized to indoor recreation facilities. A competition to play indoor cricket at a non-competitive level. 

Age group: All ages 

Program Length: 6-weeks

Ideal for: Anyone


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Check out the Social Cricket flyer HERE