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WBBL Partners

WBBL Partners


Kleenheat is on a mission to be Western Australia’s energy provider of choice by offering better value energy solutions, delivering exceptional customer service, and staying active in the community.

On top of 60 years’ experience supporting homes and businesses with liquefied petroleum gas and liquefied natural gas, Kleenheat now retails natural gas and contestable electricity in WA.

Our safe and convenient Kleenheat Kwik-Gas cylinders are also available to purchase, refill or swap via local resellers for your BBQ, caravan and portable camping needs.

As the energy market’s leading challenger, Kleenheat is proud to offer safe, reliable and competitive products and services to help customers make the most of our unique WA lifestyle.

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Over the last 14 years Holman have provided a complete, well-priced range of irrigation, garden watering and garden lighting products. The company is heavily committed to research and development and are determined to maintain an innovative, quality range of irrigation control equipment that is designed, built, and serviced in Australia. Products like WaterWhiz™, WaterSmart™ and the ARID Gardener are evidence of the quality of innovation and design being produced by the company.

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Healthway seeks to promote and support healthy lifestyles to reduce the burden of preventable disease in Western Australia.

Healthway (the Western Australian Health Promotion Foundation) was established in 1991 under Section 15 of the Tobacco Control Act 1990 as an independent statutory body reporting to the Minister for Health. Healthway now functions under Part 5 of the Tobacco Products Control Act 2006.

Healthway provides sponsorship to Sports, Arts and Community organisations to promote healthy messages, facilitate healthy environments, reduce the promotion of unhealthy messages, and increase participation in healthy activities. Healthway also provides grants to a diverse array of organisations to encourage healthy lifestyles and advance health promotion programs.

The key priorities for Healthway are reducing harm from tobacco, reducing harm from alcohol, reducing obesity and promoting good mental health.

Healthway is committed to continuously improving their approaches and policies. They recognise that the communities they work with are diverse and dynamic, and this needs to be reflected in the policies and practices underpinning the promotion of good health in WA. They are working from an excellent base with nearly a quarter of a century of experience from which to build.