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Cameron Bancroft's Mixed Berry And Banana Smoothie

05 December 2016

Bangers revealed what smoothie he makes to refresh and energise him in summer.


We all love a good, refreshing smoothie once in a while and with summer in full swing, they tend to be a popular snack.

So how do your Scorchers keep their smoothies nutritious and delicious? Here’s a great recipe from Cameron Bancroft that promises refreshment, taste and healthy goodness.

Cameron Bancroft’s Mixed Berry and Banana Smoothie

“I love this smoothie because it is refreshing, healthy and easy to make. You could substitute the coconut yoghurt for Greek yoghurt as well for added protein. I like to not consume a lot of dairy which is why I keep it as it is.”

What you’ll need:

1 banana

½ cup mixed berries (frozen or fresh)

½ cup coconut water

½ cup coconut yoghurt


1. Break up the banana and put in a blender.

2. Add the berries to the blender. When using frozen berries, ensure they’ve defrosted a bit before blending them.

3. Add the coconut water and coconut yoghurt. Blend all the ingredients together.

4. You can add more coconut water if you would like to make it less thick. This is up to you for your desired consistency.

5. Pour into a glass and enjoy! 

Another Scorchers Snack recipe will be released next week.