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Get To Know: Emily Smith

12 January 2017

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We take time out to get to know Scorchers wicket-keeper Emily Smith.

Who would you like bowling during the super over in a final?
Elyse Villani

What’s your coach’s favourite saying?
“Clarity, clarity, clarity”

Which player is most likely to look at themselves in the mirror after a gym session?
Piepa Cleary without doubt

Who is most likely to be invited to the coach’s house for dinner?

Outside of cricket, what would your dream job be?
Sticking stickers on Granny Smith Apples

Who has the worst taste in music in the team?
Piepa Cleary… very mainstream playlists

Who has the best banter?
Megan Bant-ing… see what I did there?!

What is your favourite way to spend your day off?

Which teammate has the messiest kit bag?
Megan Banting