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Jack's Three Simple Tips For Healthy Roses

07 March 2017

Don't get rose envy, get these three simple tips from the Scorchers' gardening guru Jack to have your bushes blooming at their best.

Meet Jack’s roses. We’d like to introduce you to Jack himself, but he’s elusive – springing up in the green areas around #TheFurnace – and a bit camera shy.

Jack’s official title is WACA Maintenance Supervisor, but it would be more appropriate to label him Gardening Guru.

If there’s a lush, green sanctuary of blooming life to be found around the WACA Ground (that’s not the cricket ground itself), then it was the work of Jack.

And there are few areas Jack takes more pride in than his roses – with good reason, too.

The stunning sight of reds, whites and yellows in full-bloom brighten the WACA Ground throughout the year.

Here’s Jack’s three tips for promoting and maintaining healthy roses:

  • While you will always have some perfect flowers, getting rid of any dead flowers is imperative to promoting new growth. Deadheading often means you have more chance of maximising your rose bush’s potential of flowering all year around.
  • A big prune during June and July will do your bush a world of good, resulting in your bush flourishing through spring and into summer.
  • Positioning is crucial and while roses are hardy once established, they need some care as they’re settling in. You’ll want a spot will good soil drainage and good soil (add compost or nutrients to improve soil composition if it’s on the sandy or clay-y side) and roses like about six to eight hours of sun a day. If those points make you suddenly gasp in realisation you’ve planted in the wrong spot, make sure you choose the right time to move. Relocate your rose bush in winter to avoid doing more harm than good.

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