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Keightley Urges Uptake In Coaching

31 January 2017

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Perth Scorchers coach Lisa Keightley was often uncoached during her formative years as a player and is now urging that trend to change.

Perth Scorchers head coach Lisa Keightley has urged anyone interested in coaching to get involved, or risk seeing top-end talent pools dry up from a lack of players coming through the ranks.

Keightley has had a remarkable career, made even more remarkable by the fact that she often played in teams without a coach to help guide her development.

A career full of highlights on the field, such as in 1998 becoming the first woman to hit a century at Lord's, was followd by groundbreaking efforts off the field.

She was the first full-time coach of New South Wales' State women's team, steering the side to consecutive WNCL titles, then became the first woman appointed coach of the national team.

The WACA is preparing to host a series of coaching courses and workshops on Sunday 5 February and Keightley urged anyone interested to get involved, stressing the importance of quality coaching for young players.

"When I was growing up playing cricket, we didn’t have a coach; we only had a team manager," Keightley said.

"The quality of younger players coming through the ranks at the moment is good, and it will only get better with good coaches teaching the basics well from a young age.

"I can’t stress enough how important it is for young girls getting into cricket to have the basics of the game taught to them well, because when they are good enough to come into the WACA set up we can further develop and tweak their game, as opposed to teaching them from the ground up."

The upcoming Community Coaching Course is for any currently non-accredited male or female coach of female teams or anybody wishing to become an accredited coach of a female team.

The Community Coaching workshop will run parallel to the course and is a follow up workshop for already-accredited coaches.

The Community Coaching Course will run from 9am-3pm, with the workshop running from 10.30am-12pm, both at the WACA.

Anyone interested in participating can register at, or contact Janelle Cuthbertson.

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