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Scorchers Launch Fan Recognition Program

22 February 2018

Fans sporting their Scorchers merch around Perth could find themselves receiving a little thank you after the Club today launched its Fan Recognition Program.

The unique initiative was designed to enable staff of the Western Australian Cricket Association to thank regular fans if and when they come across them.

Staff have been provided with booklets of Fan Recognition Cards that will be able to hand out to people boasting their Scorchers colours in everyday life.

The cards instruct the fan on how to register that they have been identified by staff, with the Scorchers then distributing a free ‘thank you' gift to the recipient.

Event and Marketing Officer Nicky Tatlow, who was a driving force behind the initiative, said it was an idea aimed at empowering enthusiastic staff to engage with the Club's most passionate supporters.

"We're really excited to introduce this initiative, because it's something that's organic and a genuine way for our staff to thank fans the moment they see them," Tatlow said.

"We see fans everywhere, wearing their Scorchers colours with pride well beyond the W/BBL season, and we wanted a way to recognize those supporters.

"The program isn't intended to be a big grand giveaway – it's a sustainable initiative that we intend to be ongoing as a small token of the Club's appreciation.

"The WACA team has really embraced this concept and we hope to further develop the initiative in seasons to come."

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