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Scorchers Stretch Class - Calves

29 March 2017

Get some tips from the best! In this series, some of the Scorchers support staff take you through stretches to have you ready for peak performance.

Preparation is key in high performance sport and the Scorchers do everything they can off the field to ensure the best possible performance on it.

The Club ensures it has the right people around the squad to get the job done and, in this Scorchers Stretch Class series, some of those staff pass on the inside info to you.

In our second edition, Scorchers Strength and Conditioning Coordinator Joey Rotundo takes you through stretches for calves and ankles.

As with all of these activities, please take care, follow the instructions and only undertake at your own risk.

Joey Says

With plenty of focus on ensuring players’ shoulders, back and arms are strong and ready for action, the legs can often be forgotten about.

Calf injuries are a nightmare to get right, so it is vital to consistently stretch and strengthen the calf muscle.

Restricted ankle movement can lead to injury; this stretch is great for strengthening and loosening the ankle and calf muscles to help prevent injury.

Stretch It Out

  1. Start in the push-up position, but with your buttock raised towards the sky.
  2. Pump your calves one at a time, by straightening one leg and letting the other relax.
  3. Continue the pumping action for 30sec, making sure you maintain a steady pace and extend your stretching calf fully.

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