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Scorchers Stretch Class - Glutes, Thighs

12 April 2017

Get some tips from the best! In this series, some of the Scorchers support staff take you through stretches to have you ready for peak performance.

Preparation is key in high performance sport and the Scorchers do everything they can off the field to ensure the best possible performance on it.

The Club ensures it has the right people around the squad to get the job done and, in this Scorchers Stretch Class series, some of those staff pass on the inside-info to you.

In our fourth edition, Scorchers Strength and Conditioning Coordinator Joey Rotundo takes you through stretches for the glutes and thigh areas.

As with all of these activities, please take care, follow the instructions and only undertake at your own risk.

Joey Says

Hamstring, quad and glute injuries are not fun at all.

Worse still, issues in areas around the upper-leg can additionally result in problems in the lower-leg.

That is why ensuring strong glutes and thighs is essential for anyone engaging in consistent physical activity and this series of quick and easy stretches can help maintain glute and thigh flexibility.

Stretch It Out

  • Start in a kneeling position, one knee on the ground and the adjacent foot out in front taking both taking your body weight. Rock forward on the front foot, to feel your hip and glutes stretch.
  • Next, with the leg that has your knee touching the floor, pull that foot up towards your buttock and hold, to stretch the quad muscle.
  • Keeping your knee on the floor, straighten your front leg slowly and hold. This will stretch your hamstring and glute.
  • Same leg out in front, however, this time rotate it 45 degrees and hold.
  • One more rotation of the front leg to 90 degrees, this will also stretch your groin muscle.
  • Lastly, tuck your front foot around in front of your kneeling knee and hold. This will stretch the glute muscle some more.
  • Once finished, swap legs and repeat the cycle. Doing this twice for each leg is ideal, remembering to use pain as your guide.

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