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Scorchers Stretch Class - Pecs

17 March 2017

Get some tips from the best! In this series, some of the Scorchers support staff take you through stretches to have you ready for peak performance.

Preparation is key in high performance sport and the Scorchers do everything they can off the field to ensure the best possible performance on it.

The Club ensures it has the right people around the squad to get the job done and, in this Scorchers Stretch Class series, some of those staff pass on the inside info to you.

Scorchers Strength and Conditioning Coordinator Joey Rotundo takes you through stretches for the pectoral muscles.

As with all of these activities, please take care, follow the instructions and only undertake at your own risk.

Joey Says

The shoulder is crucial for all facets of cricket, whether someone is bowling, batting or fielding.

If a player starts to have shoulder issues it can potentially be very problematic for their career.

It's important to maintain strength and motion exercises to adequately prepare the shoulder for playing and training.

If this is not achieved, the shoulder becomes susceptible to injury.

Stretch it Out

This stretch is also great for people who play any throwing sports, as well as those who work office jobs using a computer for most the day.

  1. Find a doorframe.
  2. Place elbow/s on door frame, with forearm extending straight up, so the arm forms a 90-degree angle parallel with the door frame (see example of main image above).
  3. Slightly ease torso forward to feel the stretch running through the pec muscle. Hold for 30-60 seconds with pain as your guide on how far to stretch.
  4. End with a release of the pec muscle: using a ball, press it into your pec muscle and rotate in small circles. This will massage out any tightness if done often enough (see example below).

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