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Top Tips For Winter Turf Maintenance

20 February 2017

Credit: Getty Images

The WACA Ground's turf team is here with some advice on what to do now to help give your "home ground" that green glow come next summer.

The WACA outfield is world-renowned for being lightning fast, attracting regular comments from players and commentators alike of, “That’s four on the WACA Ground”.

But that carpet-like turf does not happen overnight and WACA Ground staff work tirelessly through the cooler months to prepare the ground to withstand the scorching summer sun.

So, we got the WACA’s head curator Matthew Page to provide his top four tips of what you can do as the temperatures drop to help create a stunning green oasis at your place.

Scarifying (or raking) your lawn during the autumn and spring months is the best time to remove unwanted thatch or moss. Scarifying shouldn’t be done while the turf is wet, otherwise you risk ripping out the grass roots and not unwanted debris.

Like any living thing, your turf loves a good feed. Using fertilizer with NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium) will give best results. When applying fertilizer, try to walk behind your spreader at an even pace. Walking too fast or slow means you will be applying to much or too little fertilizer to your lawn.

Wetting Agent 
Perth’s winter can be a little hit and miss in terms of rain. To cover all bases, using a good wetting agent enables your lawn to retain moisture better. This means whether Perth has lots of rain or just a bit, you still don’t have to use your sprinklers much – if at all.

While there are no secret tricks to mowing during the cooler months and you just mow as you need, there is one particular rule: watch the length. Don’t cut your grass too short otherwise you’ll stress out the lawn and shorten its recovery length, resulting in more water usage.

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