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Wembley Notches Ton For Next Generation

07 March 2017

Wembley Junior Cricket Club has achieved the impressive feat of having registered more than 100 girls.

A local Perth cricket club is leading the way in opening cricket’s doors to all players and helping to produce the next generation of female cricketers.

Wembley District Junior Cricket Club has surpassed 100 registered girls – more than triple the number of participants from the previous season.

Wembley’s Female Coordinator Margie Oldfield said the number of girls playing cricket at the club was the result of plenty of hard work.

“I think the reason why girls weren’t playing cricket previously is because they didn’t realise there was an opportunity to do so,” Oldfield said.

“We have worked hard as a club to provide more and more opportunities for girls to play cricket.

“Reaching 120 registrations is the result and a bit of a snowball effect, I think.

“The more girls that sign up, they then tell their friends to sign up and it is only going to be great for cricket going forward.”

Wembley has produced the WA Under 15 state captain, as well as the Under 18 state vice-captain, with both players showing plenty of promise and with a future that could include playing for the Scorchers and even their country.

Oldfield said while producing international cricketers would be a point of pride for the club, her focus was closer to home.

“I’d much rather see 100 kids playing community sport than one kid playing for Australia,” Oldfield said.

“Having said that, it would be awesome if we could do both.

“For me and my committee, it’s more about getting as many young girls involved in community sport as possible.

“We take pride in not only producing good cricketers but good young women as well.”

Wembley has also provided a full-time specialist coach to further improve the girls’ skills, with several parents even seeking extra sessions for their child.

The enthusiasm from the players has also rubbed off onto their parents, with several mums achieving their level one coaching accreditation.

“We secured a specialist coach for the girls to do some up-skilling in pre-season, to give the girls a head start heading into the season,” Oldfield said.

“That has seemed to inspire some of our mums to get their coaching accreditation which has been fantastic, and is a credit to the environment we have created at Wembley.”

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