Scorchers Pair announced as Multicultural Ambassadors

Star Scorchers Alana King and Ashton Agar will continue to be role models for people of subcontinental heritage, after being announced as Ambassadors of Cricket Australia’s Multicultural program.

Cricket Australia is proud to launch its Multicultural Ambassador Program with 54 people from diverse backgrounds and experience across government, business, sport, media and community named as the initial representatives.  

The spin duo are delighted to be involved, with the pair highlighting the need to celebrate all cultures within Australian society. 

“I’m honoured to be named as an Ambassador for Cricket Australia’s Multicultural Program, a program that is driving positive change not only in our cricketing community, but in society as a whole,” Agar said. 

“It is a real joy to be apart this new initiative, and I am looking forward to seeing how the program will break down barriers, build trust between people of all cultures and allowing cricket to be a sport for all,” King said.  

A key action in Australian Cricket’s Multicultural Action Plan, the Ambassador Program brings together esteemed leaders from various sectors to advocate for inclusivity and drive positive change within the sport and wider community.  

Something Agar feels very passionately about. 

“It’s humbling to be working alongside many other wonderful leaders in their specialised fields. We have an important role in ensuring cricket can be a game that can be loved by and accessible to, everyone,” Agar explains. 

“I am so proud of my Sri Lankan heritage. My mum  and her family moved to Australia in search of a great life, which they found.  

“I hope to be a role model for the next generation of aspiring cricketers with subcontinental roots who want to play for Australia.” 

Often in the public eye, King realises the importance of inspiring the next generation. 

“As a professional cricketer, I am lucky to be a role model for people of subcontinental backgrounds, and through this program, I hope they get the same opportunity as I did to play the game of cricket and represent Australia.  

“I absolutely love my culture, and I am so proud of my Indian heritage. Hopefully I can inspire the next generation of kids with similar roots to pick up a bat and ball and play for Australia.” 

Agar hopes this program opens more opportunities for kids with a similar cultural background to his.  

“Cricket has given me so much,” he says 

“I feel extremely fortunate to live out my boyhood dream each day as an international cricketer for Australia.  

“I hope this program allows people from all cultures to chase and realise their dreams of making friends, being part of a team and hopefully one day, playing for the Australian Cricket Team.” 

The full list of ambassadors can be found here.   

The list of ambassadors includes many past and current players, as well as industry and community leaders, who will champion diversity and support the goals outlined in the Multicultural Action Plan. 
The ambassadors, hailing from government, business, community, media, and cricket will help drive the five focus areas of Australian Cricket’s Multicultural Action Plan: Participation, High Performance, People and Representation, Communications and Engagement and Event and Experience.   

Focusing on areas specific to their expertise the ambassadors will offer leadership, insight, and support to foster greater connectivity across the Australian cricket landscape.